Anonymous: Single or taken? 

happily taken.

Anonymous: How can you tell if a guy really likes you? 

-If he’s the one that texts you first

-If he texts you often even if it’s just to say hi

-The way he looks at you

-If he respects you

-If he asks you out

-Those glances

-If he gets personal with you

-Random texts, it means he’s thinking about you

-If he treats you differently than others

-If he wants to be around you

-If he smiles at you a lot

-He’d do anything just to spend time with you

-If he flirts with you and only you

-If you can tell he gets kind of nervous when he’s talking to you

-If he gives you a gift

-If he’s trying to make you laugh

-If he gives you his number or asks for yours

-When he stares at you and you stare back, but he looks away and blushes or smiles

-When he tries to get your attention

There’s many ways to tell if a guy likes you and sometimes you’ll just feel it, I hope this helps!